Wood Elf Druid - Forest Child

A short, young elf, Ristriel’s blond hair and blue eyes betray her wood elf heritage. She is, nonetheless, a full-blooded wood elf.

A young, Elven druid, Ristriel has spent her entire life in solitude among the woodland creatures and her nomadic tribe.. It would seem as if Ristriel does not understand any spoken language but the truth is she just prefers to avoid speaking them, instead using animalistic grunts and hand gestures.

Her dress is entirely primitive, wearing clothing made of plant fibers and animal hides. She seems very attached to her primitive spear and rarely, if ever, is without it.

She exhibits a friendly demeanor and is unlikely to cause problems, preferring to help her friends and allies. She has focused her druidic powers on healing and aid, both animal and humanoid alike. Though, against combat and killing, Ristriel is no pacifist. She’s willing to fight as necessary and doesn’t stand for the weak to be preyed upon.


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