Knox Woods

Situated within an area known as the Veiled Haunt, Knox Woods was a rather dense forested area that had been unkind to many travelers. It was believed to be haunted by the spirits of many adventurers who have wandered in only to become lost and unable to escape. Rumors surrounded Knox Woods and many believed that there were demons that roamed about the forest waiting to abduct unsuspecting travelers. These rumors and legends were spurred along by the actual living residents in the forest, a tribe of Wood Elves.

The Wood Elves of Knox Woods thrived due to the fact that such rumors kept them from outside influence and it allowed them to keep their forest free of the corrupting nature of modern civilization. For centuries the Elves lived in relative peace, not having any contact with any outsiders. The few that were foolish enough to enter the forest would be frightened away by the magic of these Elves that helped to give it its terrifying reputation.

This period of peace would eventually come to an end as the younger generation of Elves had become increasingly curious of the world around them and what lay beyond the Veiled Haunt. The elders would warn against contact with the outside world as it would be corrupting to their ways and they were better off without having to deal with such inconveniences but many of the younger Elves would eventually find their way outside of the forest.

This would prove detrimental to the Wood Elves of Knox Woods, as the elders had feared, and the knowledge of the Wood Elves in the Veiled Haunt, would lead to an embitterment between many of the travelers, who felt deceived by the Wood Elves agoraphobia. The anger lead to many outsiders forming a lynch mob with the intention of destroying these Wood Elves.

The mob marched through the Veiled Haunt, now aware that there was no danger to them from demons or spirits, and assaulted the nature preserve. They pillaged and destroyed anything they could and then set fire to the forest. The fire blazed for days and the mob stayed to ensure that it would not be put out by the Elves. This eventually forced many of the residents that had not been killed to flee the burning forest and scattered them across the land.

Knox Woods, today, is nothing more than a blackened grave of what it used to be. Gone are the vibrant colors and natural sounds associated with it a forest, and in its place is the fallen remains of a once hidden utopia. The ground, charred and dead covered by sundered trees serve as a grim reminder of the fate of the Elves of Knox Woods.

Knox Woods

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