The Calendrian Imperium and the Mundane

The Calendrian Imperium is responsible for shaping much of the mundane we take for granted today, from the calendar in use to timekeeping to the actual script we write today. This Elven empire has ensured that it would be remembered for years to come by doing so, for it seems they had the vision to keep enough mundane systems in place that it would be used for generations to come. Despite the Calendrian Imperium being long extinct, we still use these systems today.

The first system to be of note is the calendar era. Our entire dating system revolves around their rise to power. There is no system in place for the fall of this empire, however, and it would be surprising to think any civilization wanting to leave their mark would chronicle their own downfall. Thus their decision on the calendar era includes events that happen before their rise to power, known as Before the Dawn, or B.D. This era is just about every historical event written that happened before the Calendrian Imperium conquered the land. Once the Imperium siezed absolute control of the land they started what they called the Dawn of the Calendrian Imperium. In time this got shortened to Dawn of the Imperium and would be given the short form of D.I.

The Common Tongue is also thanks to the Calendrian Imperium. It was their dialect, their lexicon that they spread across their kingdoms. Their law was that everyone was required to learn, speak, and write in their language. Over time the accent itself became distinctive to region and the Imperium revised it to reflect newer words and terminology. The original language, still spoken in some areas, is now known as Archaic Calendrian, or just Calendrian for short. The newer language is called New Calendrian, and is often known as Common. It, too, has accents now, however, and the most commonly heard accent is the Western Dialect.

The next system of use is the script that we use. Though there are many languages in the world and many systems of writing, the Calendrian Imperium introduced their own system of writing. This runic writing has long become the standard and is, essentially, the universal writing mechanic. That is not to say there will not be other writing styles around the world for there are many languages and many cultures. What is being stated here is merely that any traveler is likely to come across this writing in their adventures, be it in a city, writing on a wall, merchant receipt, and the like. Calendrian_Script.jpg

The Calendrian Imperium and the Mundane

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